Advocate Services

"Gathered to represent the school, a room full of professionals, speaking in unfamiliar terms, reviewed a 20-page document I only marginally comprehended—the Individual Education Plan that would affect the trajectory of our son’s life-long development and chances at success. The stakes were high; my emotions were charged; I was out of my depth."

As a special education parent advocate, I empower parents of children with disabilities to make confident, informed choices that ensure their child’s needs and potential are fully and appropriately served as the law intended. Bringing a positive and professional perspective to the process, I strive to establish an essential spirit of trust and cooperation that honors the child and the interests of everyone involved.


—Review in detail student’s education records and provide written report with recommendations.

—Review student’s current IEP and provide written review with modification recommendations as needed.

—Communicate with school staff and providers on behalf of parents.

—Draft all official documents related to IEP including but not limited to: agendas, parent concern statements, vision statements and meeting summaries.

—Observe student in educational setting and report observations and recommendations.

—Attend TEAM Meetings, parent/staff clinics and parent/teacher conferences with parents.

—Schedule, prepare and attend dispute mediation.

—Provide independent referrals.

—Discuss process and expectations with parents; provide practical advice and essential skill training. 



Whether you need help with an IEP, 504 Plan, dispute resolution or advisory perspective, the first step is to schedule an intake interview. Depending on your need and degree of experience, expect this initial meeting to last one to two hours. If possible, the meeting should take place at your home and your child should be available for an introduction. If you are new to the process, I provide a thorough overview of what to expect and do my best to answer your questions. We will discuss your child’s family, medical and educational history at this meeting and I ask that you provide copies of your child’s outside evaluations and educational records. Reviewing your child’s records and making recommendations is the next step.


Initial Consultation:
$45/ half hour

Ongoing Services:
$70/ hour billed weekly; due upon receipt.

Please be aware that for your protection I routinely destroy all client records three months after the conclusion of my services unless specifically requested otherwise.